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Explore Four Different Types of Travelers

With the advent of the internet and cheap ways to travel it’s never been a better time to explore internationally. Practically the entire world is a possible vacation for those willing to save the money, plan the trip, and follow through. It’s also given rise to new ways to travel that better cater to diverse…

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Remote Work

Enable Your Travel Lifestyle

Think about a life you don’t need a vacation from. One that is location independent, where you have the time to spend your day as you please; Wake up in the morning, breakfast, yoga, work, lunch, time with the family, explore your surroundings, etc. While it seems like something only Instagram travelers can do, it’s more obtainable than it appears.

In the last 6 years, Ben and I have personally worked our way from traditional 9-5 office jobs to our now remote jobs that come on the road with us wherever our travels take us. Even before we had our remote jobs, we were exposed to Work Away that allowed us to provide work on a bamboo farm in the rainforests of Belize in exchange for a place to sleep. Keeping in line with the purpose of Lost to Live, we have shared our top picks to show there really is a way for anyone to travel.


Indiana – Overlooked and Undiscovered: Central

This week, I continue the three-part series on my home state by looking at the Central Inddiana region. Moving south from The North provides a different kind of sensory experience, while also containing overlapping themes. The North has sandy dunes, Amish Country, and roaming plains. But it also boasts college towns holding prestigious institutions like…

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Easter Rising on Easter Monday

A pivotal point in Ireland’s long journey to gain independence occurred on April 24, 1916, a bloody affair in the streets of Dublin known as Easter Rising. On the day after Easter with a waif of revolution in the air, the heart of the city became a battle zone as rebels commandeered the General Post…

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TED Talks

What fear can teach us | Karen Thompson Walker

Imagine you’re a shipwrecked sailor adrift in the enormous Pacific. You can choose one of three directions and save yourself and your shipmates — but each choice comes with a fearful consequence too. How do you choose? In telling the story of the whaleship Essex, novelist Karen Thompson Walker shows how fear propels imagination, as…

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