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Maxine and Rob | The Space Hoppers

Sometimes planning for the ‘big trip’ isn’t easy, especially when it seems so far away. Though your plans may seem so far in the distance, it can thankfully provide the time needed to prepare. Maxine and Rob, from Kent, England, have been planning their trip for over three years. Follow their Instagram to follow their trip @thespacehoppers

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Explore Four Different Types of Travelers

With the advent of the internet and cheap ways to travel it’s never been a better time to explore internationally. Practically the entire world is a possible vacation for those willing to save the money, plan the trip, and follow through. It’s also given rise to new ways to travel that better cater to diverse…

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Combating Sea Sickness

The constant up and down motion of the boat riding the waves can cause even the strongest of stomachs to get queasy at times. The last thing you want to do is spend an entire cruise in the bathroom, so here are some tips that my wife and I have found help with sea sickness and provide a more enjoyable experience.

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Visiting India During Diwali

If you google festivals to experience in India, more than likely you will find pictures primarily of the holiday Holi. Holi is the festival of love and colors and is celebrated during the spring. The festival’s main celebration is when you douse each other in water and throw colored powder at one another. However, there…

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