Vietnam is one of the top destinations in the world. They have culture, adventure, food, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You could encounter all four seasons in this country if you go from the top of the Sapa Mountains to the bustling and chaotic Ho Chi Minh City. But one of the perfect spots to really get away and see a unique side of Vietnam is Dalat.

Dalat is located in southern Vietnam in the Central Highlands. The city is centered around a large lake and is surrounded by hills, forests, and waterfalls. Dalat was founded as a French vacation spot in the early 1900s. Below are five reasons why you should consider taking your next vacay to the highland city of Dalat.

  1. The Moderate Weather

Dalat is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” and for good reason. Due to the hills surrounding it, the city has a very moderate climate compared to the other southern cities of Vietnam. The cool breezes and bright days bring a nice relief from the humidity of southern Vietnam during the summer. However, if you go during the winter months you will need a light jacket or sweater because the temperature hovers between 50º- 60º.

  1. France in Vietnam

As was mentioned above, Dalat was founded as a French vacation spot in the early 1900s. The French added to this hill station wide streets and large French villas that can still be seen today. Walking through the different neighborhoods you can see the French influence in architecture, food, and city planning. One of the best buildings to see is the Dalat train station. It’s a beautiful cross between French architecture and Swiss influence. Considering it is so far from France, it’s interesting to see how their influence has lasted over a century in the highlands of Vietnam.

  1. The Flora of Dalat

Dalat is widely known as a hotspot for beautiful flowers. One of the main economies in Dalat is farming. But they also have a luxurious flower industry. Some of the flowers grown here are roses, mimosas, orchids, and hydrangeas. With such a mild climate, the city is able to sport numerous flower parks and gardens to decorate the city. You can buy these flowers daily in the countless markets throughout the city. Two of the best markets are the Night Market and the daily market that lines the edge of the lake selling clothes, flowers, and food.

  1. Interesting Buildings

If interesting architecture is your thing, then Dalat can give you two of the most interesting buildings in the world. First, is the Maze Bar. The Maze Bar is a bar in central Dalat that makes you work for your drink. The bar is made up of multiple levels of hidden passageways, steps leading nowhere, and little alcoves. It’s a great divergent from the normal bar and keeps you guessing where you are going to turn next. Second is the Crazy House. The Crazy House, like the Maze Bar, is an ever twisting and turning world of craziness. The house is also a guesthouse for travelers. It takes inspiration from the natural world and has precarious bridges, towers, crisscrossing halls, and even a café.

  1. All the Adventure Travel You Could Want

One of the best things about Dalat is its location. If you are looking for adventure and interacting with nature, then Dalat is the right place. With hills, forests, and waterfalls there are plenty of hiking trails you can explore. You can also bike and participate in water rafting in the rivers around the city. But the most popular activity in Dalat is canyoning. Canyoning is a combination of hiking, swimming, and abseiling down waterfalls. You won’t regret spending the day hiking through beautiful forests, jumping off of cliffs, or successfully surviving the waterfalls of Dalat.

Guest Author: Chris Slack

Chris is a travel and lifestyle blogger who left the legal field and office world in 2017 to experience the world around her. Chris has traveled to 25 different countries and is looking to travel to more in the future. Chris’s blog, Wandering Feathers, focuses not only on her travels and experiences but also how these travels have affected her day-to-day life and future. Check out her blog:

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