Lost to Live was started to inspire travel and embracing the world around us.

Lost to Live was started to share the idea that travel helps us gain a different, more eye-opening perspective on the world, to inspire those who haven’t already traveled, and to provide you with the tools to do so. Traveling and experiencing new cultures can be an intimidating idea to those who haven’t tried yet, but it doesn’t have to be.

To promote this idea, we are gathering experiences of those who have traveled and have had travel change the way they see the world. These experiences being shared will be made available to anyone interested with the purpose of encouraging others to experience the world around them.


Maddie’s first time out of her home country was for a month-long trip to Belize to visit where her husband had lived and served for 2 years. While culture shock was not her friend on this trip, it didn’t stop her from experiencing the amazing people, food, and diversity found in Belize. After, the urge to travel more and experience more would never go away. She next took on a study abroad semester in France for 6 months. Though she was present during the nightclub attacks on Paris in 2015, she still didn’t let that detoured her from seeing the good the world had to show her. She and her husband continue to travel, exploring countries in Europe, living for months at a time in Mexico and Costa Rica and look forward to so much more to come. As a marketing professional by trade, Maddie has the opportunity to take her work with her on the road wherever she goes.


Ben’s first trip abroad was as a missionary in El Salvador and Belize. This experience shaped a great deal of his perception of the world and inspired a strong desire to experience the beauty and culture of other places. Upon returning home he met his wife who shared a similar interest in travel and after taking her to his old stomping grounds in Belize, the two became obsessed with world travel ever since.

Working as a freelance writer online he and his wife Maddie have the freedom to live and travel anywhere, whenever they want. This has allowed them to live in Mexico and Costa Rica and supports their current and future trips.