Lost to Live was started to inspire travel and embracing the world around us.

Together with my husband, I have traveled to 9 different countries and lived in 4 of them for an extended period-of-time including studying international business in France. My time abroad has impacted the way I see the world around me and now the way that I see even my own home country.

I started Lost to Live to share the idea that travel helps us gain a different, more eye-opening perspective on the world and to inspire those who haven’t already traveled to do so. Traveling and experiencing new cultures can be an intimidating idea to those who haven’t tried yet, but it doesn’t have to be.

To promote this idea, I am gathering experiences of those who have traveled and may have had travel change the way they see the world. These experiences being shared will be made available to anyone interested in hearing them with the purpose of encouraging others to experience the world around them.

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