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Ben B. | From the United States, Traveling in Belize

“Living in Belize taught me that money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly makes it easier to be happy. I met a family that had three walls, dirt floor, holes in the roof, no running water and no electricity, yet they wore the biggest smiles every time I visited them. While I would try to find a comfortable spot on the broken furniture they raided from a dumpster across town they would giggle, laugh and tell stories about what wonderful days they had.
It was inspiring to see how happy and joyful the family was despite their obvious poverty. Even in the more somber moments when the father would share with me in private that he’d gone without eating for the fourth day in a row so his children wouldn’t have to go two days without eating, he would still have optimism for tomorrow and assure me the hunger was worth it if it meant his children would be alright.
It taught me to be happy with what I have and find reasons to smile on days when others would choose to be sad. Yet also not to despise wealth and the blessings it can bring to my family and others.”