My Own Backyard

We are so excited to announce a new series for the month of June! Ben and I have been on a local travel kick lately, exploring our own backyard here in Utah, Arizona and Nevada. This all started after our cross-country road trip from Utah to North Carolina to California. This showed us just how diverse our own home country can be and we are so excited to share with you guys other travelers who saw the same beauty in the United States!

This is so important to Ben and I because for a long time we sought out ways to quell our travel bug between international trips. After experiencing just a small fraction of the United States, it has no longer become just a temporary distraction, but a travel goal! We love all that we’ve experienced these last few months and can’t wait to share how others are accomplishing the same goal in different ways.

Featured Local Travelers and Articles

Lost to Live Travel Gallery

Valley of Fire National Park - Nevada

Minnesott Beach - North Carolina

New Orleans - Louisiana

Capitol Reef National Park - Utah

Fifth Water Hotsprings - Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah

Cedar City, Utah